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Rampage (2009)

Pretty Good.
mellyboi1 - wrote on 05/05/12

Uwe Boll is a popular man to hate, and I get that, what with Bloodrayne and his making bad movies based off of random games...I can really see how people could grow to not like his films...and when I saw this I just couldn't believe he was the man behind it all. He wrote, directed and produced this amazing film. I know people will be inclined to hate it, because of the director, but if you can look past the superficial you'll probably end up liking it.
It didn't come up short in any catagories for me, the graphics were great, the acting was good...mostly...a cop did seem like he totally sucked at acting, but shy of that I didn't see any serious problems and the story was good enough to even rangle my father into watching. My dad never normally gets interested in entertainment, but this one sucked him in from the beginning and that, alone, is enough for me to think very highly of this movie.
The ending was kind of odd, but it made sense with the context of the plot and works pretty well.

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