Yojimbo's Movie Review of Predestination

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"Predestination" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 03/08/16

A temporal agent who travels back and forth in time to prevent crimes before they are committed embarks on one final mission in an attempt to avert a bombing in New York that kills thousands of people.

This story shares elements most obviously with Minority Report and Looper, but the way in which the plot contorts and folds in upon itself is most reminiscent of Inception with a time paradox spin. As is common to the genre, the story will stand or fall completely on the audience's willingness to swallow the somewhat ridiculous premise and I must admit that I found the final twist rather obvious, but the nice production design, enjoyable performances and overall quirkiness of the idea kept me consistently entertained; I've long been a fan of the work of Ethan Hawke, and Sarah Snook is a fine foil in a role that challenges gender stereotypes in an interesting and provocative way.

If you are the kind of person who could enjoy the likes of Looper, Edge Of Tomorrow or Source Code without being offended by their plot holes or inconsistencies you will no doubt be able to do the same for Predestination.

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