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"Blackfish" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 12/15/15

Blackfish is a grim but compelling documentary about Seaworld and its policies involving the training of its staff, its treatment of its animals and the resulting tragedies and law suits that followed. Although the subject matter stays within the activities of Seaworld itself, the story it conveys serves as a stunning indictment of corporate culture as a whole; "trainers" who were basically glorified Red Coats who had no background in biology or animal welfare who were kept completely in the dark about the dangers of their jobs, the consistent putting of profits before the welfare of its animals and workers, the slippery court room and media misrepresentations and deceits to avoid any semblance of blame for their reckless actions, the list goes on. In equal turns Blackfish is depressing, anger inducing and heart breaking, and it's no surprise that after the release of the film, the profits and share prices of Seaworld itself absolutely plummeted. It's not always an easy story to watch, but this is one of those documentaries that has the potential to change your view of the world, and as such is essential viewing.

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