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Rush (2013)

"Rush" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 12/01/15

Before Senna and Piquet, the great Formula One rivalry was between Brit James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda and the difference in attitude could not have been more stark. Hunt was a charming, glamorous, daredevil playboy while Lauda was the ultimate professional, dedicated to the point of obsession. This makes for a brilliant clash of personalities on and off track that makes for a hugely entertaining high octane soap opera punctuated by some suitably thrilling race sequences. The sense of period is also excellent, shot as it is in the high contrast colours that characterised the decade and featuring the classic car designs that lent so much character to the sport at the time. There is more humour, drama and tragedy than it would be fair to expect from a true life story and Hemsworth is perfectly cast as the flamboyant hedonist who was adored by all and Daniel Bruhl makes a great foil for his larger than life counterpart. The film doesn't go into too much depth as far as the background and character of the protagonists goes and the inevitable drawback of a true life story is the lack of surprises (at least to those versed in the history of the sport) but as a piece of sheer entertainment Rush is perfectly named; if you like Senna, you'll love this.

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