Yojimbo's Movie Review of Riddick

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"Riddick" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 12/20/14

Left for dead on a hostile planet, Riddick communes with nature to regain his edge and forges an uneasy alliance with a group of mercenaries to escape from a swarm of vicious indigenous creatures. David Twohy's sci-fi B-movie franchise abandons its pretensions to becoming a grand space opera and returns to its roots as a straightforward alien monster movie. It pretty much ignores everything that happened in Chronicles Of Riddick, preferring to become a cover version of its first incarnation Pitch Black. Once again a gang of disparate characters are holed up in a hostile environment and menaced by a horde of alien creatures, but this time the characters are a bunch of unlikeable thugs instead of people you really want to root for, and the fact that the creatures are in plain view at all times compromises the tension of the first film. The best sci-fi stories use the genre as analogy and subtext for broader issues, but Riddick is one of those that are all laser guns, spaceships and monsters for the sake of it with no larger message or social commentary. Fine if you just want to see some macho violence and blood and guts, but that's basically all you get.

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