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28 Weeks Later

"28 Weeks Later" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 03/31/12

An American led NATO force is sent in to supervise the re-population of Britain when a new outbreak occurs and the military loses control of the situation. A sequel to the OK but not amazing 28 Days Later seemed a little unnecessary to me but I must admit, I enjoyed it. It has none of the social allegory of the Romero zombie films and really is just a long chase sequence, but it is very efficiently handled. I liked the way that none of the characters were sacred cows who you KNEW would make it to the end of the film and the inter-family homicide obviously echoes the influence of the grandaddy of these flicks, Night Of The Living Dead. The basis of the plot actually shares rather more in common with another of Romero's films The Crazies but 28 Weeks Later is actually more successful than both that film and its recent remake. The action is very effective, especially the opening scene which is frighteningly tense and as visceral as a punch in the gut. It is rather plotless and as such will never be considered a classic, but it's an exciting thrill ride that reminded me of a Children Of Men copy with added blood and guts. Better than the first one I think.

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