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"Babel" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 03/30/12

Babel tells the story of a group of individuals spanning three continents who are linked by the tragic accidental shooting of an American tourist. The obvious comparison for me to make with this film is the infamous Oscar winning Crash which shares many themes. Both films are based on cultural differences and prejudices and their impact on the lives of those involved. Both feature an anti-gun message. Both stories are structured around a series of rather unlikely coincidences. The only real difference between the two are that this film has more in the way of arthouse credibility. Because both films are also well acted, nicely directed, interesting stories. Yes, that's right. STORIES. Anyone who derides Crash as a piece of crap while at the same time holding Babel up as a work of art is talking purely out of cinematic snobbery. AKA their arse.

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