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Batman Returns

"Batman Returns" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 02/13/12

A corporate shark teams up with a mutant sewer dweller to try and take over Gotham City not counting on interference from both Batman and a vengeful employee reborn as the patent leather clad Catwoman. Tim Burton's sequel to his "nice try but no cigar" re-invention of Batman is a big improvement in every department. The production design is fantastic, it has some spectacular, slam bang set-pieces (particularly the explosive finale) and is tinged throughout with his macabre sense of humour. It does have its faults; the dialogue is a little forced, its pitch is a little inconsistent and I never thought that Keaton was the right man for the job. Inevitably the film is stolen out from under him by the trio of villains; Walken has a lot of fun as the malevolent Nosferatu-monickered tycoon, DeVito has most of the best lines and best of all is Michelle Pfeiffer as the down trodden secretary who takes her power back as the sexiest screen Catwoman. Those used to Nolan's dourly realistic interpretations may find this all a little camp, but it's a lot of fun and is the best of the original Batman films by quite a long way.

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