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Eagle Eye

"Eagle Eye" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 02/12/12

A slacker who works in a copy shop is flung into the middle of a terrorist conspiracy upon the death of his twin brother, a high flying military analyst. Eagle Eye is most definitely from The Michael Bay School Of Scriptwriting, in that it was written by a paranoid technophobe who seems to be convinced that anything and everything in the world can be controlled by a geek with a computer. "They" can give you an emo haircut or leave a floater in your toilet with one malicious keystroke. But at least Bay has SOME sense of irony and humour; this film manages to be so absurd and yet so totally po faced it's almost frightening. It goes through the motions of slick, fast paced visuals as cars pirouette through the air and explode into flames in a hail of bullets as our courageous cardboard cut outs run for their lives from one ridiculous contrivance to another. In fact it has no choice but be louder and more annoying than an amateur rugby team at a free bar because it has to distract you from the astonishing stupidity of the script. It's like sitting down and having your intelligence insulted for two solid hours. The most idiotic film I've seen since Con Air.

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