Norrin's Movie Review of Boyhood

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The Worst Movie of 2014
Norrin - wrote on 01/16/15

Not only does this movie not deserve all of the critical acclaim and Oscar nominations it has received, but it is easily the worst movie I have seen in 2014. Its all concept (having the same actor playing the kid growing up over a period of years) and awful execution. Patricia Arquette delivers a solid performance, but Ethan Hawke is his usual wooden self and the rest of the acting is putrid to say the least. Richard Linklater direction is equally bad, with boring extended repetitive sequences and what looks like a $150 budget. The movie is also an inexcusable 2 hours and 45 minutes long, which makes it excruciating to sit through. As much as I hated it, my wife hated it even more, breaking out with the dreaded ZERO STAR rating. I will give it one half a star for Patricia Arquette's good performance, a few funny moments and some Kevin Smith style "Star Wars" banter. As a bonus, the director turns into Michael Moore on occasion and literally shoves his pro-Obama/anti- Bush politics down your throat just to see if you are still awake.

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