Nolane's Movie Review of Solomon Kane

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Solomon Kane

A Mostly Unseen Sword and Sorcery Masterpiece
Nolane - wrote on 08/20/13

"Solomon Kane" is an underrated sword and sorcery masterpiece. This is my favorite genre and I did not even know it was even released in the United States, which it apparently was briefly in the fall of 2012 after sitting on the shelf for 3 years. This is usually what happens to movies that suck, but that is certainly not the case here. I gave this movie a shot on Netflix, and man am I glad I did. James Purefoy gives a terrific brooding performance and the rest of the cast is solid as well. Director Michael J. Bassett hits all the right notes from the opening shot to the last. There is never any goofy humor, which can sink this sort of movie easily, and it is always dark, action packed and ultra violent. It is no surprise that the original character of Solomon Kane was created by none other than Conan The Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard. Both Conan and Kane share many similarities, although Kane being grounded in the late middle ages makes it more realistic than Conan. Production values are first rate for this type of movie as well. If you like this sort of thing, you will love this movie. If you like "Emma" look elsewhere.

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