Matthew Sanchelli's Movie Review of Suck

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Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 10/06/10

Basically it's a movie about a band (The Winners) who are...well...just not that good. At a gig the sole female in the band meets this strange guy and disappears for the night. She later catches up with the rest of the band the next day but there's something different about her. Oh...that's right...she's a vampire. Now the band is starting to take off and gain popularity because of her new 'vampire attraction'. You can only guess where things go from here.

It's more of a horror/comedy with an interesting batch of supporting roles played by a fair choice in cameos; Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Moby, Henry Rollins, Malcolm McDowell.

The music isn't all that shabby either. I think they were really going for rock horror/comedy. It worked and it didn't. Definitely not as fun as Rocky Horror or Repo!

Either way, I still think it is a decent watch and a good way to slowly ease into a horror month.

3 out f 5 starts on the Matt-o-meter because it had some good laugh out loud moments and one-liners; the acting was not bad at all; the cast was just fun to watch and it was an entertaining story.

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