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Paranormal Activity

Less Is More!
Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 10/20/09

Off the bat...I'll have to give this movie 5 out of 5 stars (or here...4 out of 4). Why? Because this movie made me go inside my own head. I have a very very vivid imagination. Combine that, with a realistic style of shooting the flick and making it "home-movie-ish" with a quality digital camera and it's essentially something I could theoretically shoot myself; as in I could record something paranormal as well. (though from what I know about the subject...I would not want to antagonize a spirit/demon by trying to catch it in the act....they don't like that).

I appreciate the fact that this movie gave me the benefit of the doubt on being a free-minded individual. Let me think for myself and don't spoon feed me all of this pointless violence and gore and information. This was basic and it let me scare myself.

I know there's a lot of nay-sayers about the movie being over-hyped. So was "Blair Witch'...and to each their own. This movie freaked me out because it jump-started my imagination to the point that I'm sitting up at 12:45am on Friday night (or Saturday morning) because I know my head is going 5000000000000 miles an hour and don't feel like shutting off all the lights and shutting my eyes.

It's tough to write a review without talking too much about the movie...because I don't want to write any spoilers.

All in all, I found it to be realistic. I felt the characters were genuine in their performance. The dialogue was real and not forced or fake; it seemed like exactly what real people would say in this sort of situation. There are things you would think people would maybe do in the situation of being haunted...but I think trying to keep it somewhat simplistic makes it a better movie. To too much involved and everything just gets bogged down and becomes a big mess.

I knew immediately that this movie would have a lasting affect on me when every time they went to a night-shot of the couple heart-rate would go up ...waiting for something to happen....just thinking about it right now is giving me chills.

I am a bit disappointed that this movie won't have the same affect on me the second time around seeing it because I'll already know what is going to happen..

I say, go into this movie with an open mind. Open your mind and place yourself in that situation. Suspend some reality but keep at least one foot on the ground.....

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