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Friends with Benefits

"Friends with Benefits" By Nosferatu
Nosferatu - wrote on 09/27/11

This movie is definitely going to my Top Romances. “Friends With Benefits” has got everything a romantic comedy should have: it’s funny, different, entertaining and it’s all about the love and misfortune of two people.

This is a very good movie with a simple storyline about a couple trying to be just friends (with benefits) but, as they get to know each other better and better, being just friends starts getting harder and harder.

Justin Timberlake is revealing himself to be a better actor than he was a singer, although I like his work as a singer too. Either he’s having a lot of luck in the movies he’s getting or he’s actually good, or both. I also loved him in "The Social Network".

In my overall opinion, "Friends with Benefits" is one of the best romantic comedies I've seen, very good to watch with a good company, in the T.v. or cinema, this movie is worth watching more than once.

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