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Mad Max: Fury Road

A crazy action film. One hell of a ride
sreekirch - wrote on 12/31/15

One hell of a road chase film was this. The action sequences were jaw dropping, the photography was awesome, the dialogues in the film were crazy. The performances were bang on. Tom Hardy a rough voiced character plays Max. He struggles to remove his mask, tries to cut open the back chains and all struggles he dotes perfectly. He only utters his. character name once, that too comes in a bang. Furiosa OMG ! Charlize Theron can pull of such a bad ass character, with vigor and charm. That was crazy enough. Nicolas Hoult was also a spirited character. What about the Immortal so what we call in the film the baddie of the film. A skull jaw bone attached to a mask of a heavy bodied person. That was crazy. This is one of a film where I can keep telling the points, but hell ride when watched. I never saw a crazy action film like, this year. The war machines, the cars, pumping engines, guitar man holding his guitar, the flying attackers, ground breaking editing and pulse pounding background score. I forgot to tell about the hand to hand combat. That was too good.
Who does this? George Miller at 70 can do this stuff. He still loves such films. Way to go man. The movie was crazy, taut action packed, and for a summer blockbuster this is bingo. So Mad Max Fury Road is a crazy action film. Action fans can take it again. Others can still slice and enjoy almost every bit of it. What a lovely day !

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