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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation does not play rogue
sreekirch - wrote on 12/19/15

Rogue Nation does not play rogue enough. I expected from the trailers that this MI film, starring the irresistible Tom Cruise as Agent Ethan Hunt might have some fresh stuff to take. No it does not. It still stays the same crazy way. Nothing I care about the plot an Anti IMF emerging from shadows, to play rogue. I am afraid, they don't have the cash to kick start yet. So the mission is all about getting the money, to kick start their program, but IMF though struggling for existence, by the political pressure, is on the mission to stop The so called Syndicate, lead by Sean Harris. This is all Rogue Nation is about. I know that none of this, is interesting, but we watch MI movies for the Cruise factor, the high tech savvy gadgets and the impossible stunts. Do we get them? yes of course, in spades. Cruise at this age can still make us puzzle for his death defying stunts. This film has two of the best he can do. The hanging from an airplane door that has already taken off. The underwater sequence to hold the breath for 3 minutes , to switch an access card to get to the security. He pulls it off with ease. His charm is still undeniable, and power packed. There are cliches a lot of them, but the action scenes, choreographed with intense energy, the car chase, motor bike madness of a chase. But considering the nerves to excite, none of these were there to chill the spine. Goosebumps are there if carefully devoted to. I do not get anything new from this. Cruise pulls of a near impossible film, with his presence. But the climax was so so. Why did that occur so cheaply? Everyone would be thinking on that. The previous Ghost Protocol too had a feeling of such a cliched climax, at least the action was there to panic about. Rogue nation is all about a set up to get us to the next installment, may be it might do better the next time. Cruise, and action sequences are the savior for this so so Mission impossible series.

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