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Live Free or Die Hard

Die hard action continues with live free willis
sreekirch - wrote on 10/06/12

Grade: B-
Live free or Die Hard is no free action film, it is heavily loaded with action set pieces with a breath taking screenplay. Intention behind the writer and director is clear. He wants to bring destruction of USA and using sophisticated computer techniques, hacking of public telephones, electricity, traffic signals, etc are on.. USA is going to face doomsday. The whole scenario sets place in Washington DC. There might be questions like How this can be done? It all happens in Die Hard 4.0. Just sit back and see doomsday using computer technocrats, handled by a cyber terrorist. That’s what I would say.

So what’s the plot? McClane (Willis) is behind his daughter who does not care about him. She wants aloof. McClane rescues a computer operative Farell (Justin Long) from a group of gunned men. McClane and Farell witness, the ruthless activities of Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) and faces his assistant Mai (Maggie Q) in a fist fight. Big trouble comes, when McClane’s daughter is abducted. Now he uses Farell, to track location and stop Gabriel from creating doomsday. How he does that? Please watch it.

Live free or Die Hard is solidly scripted. May be it is not believable. But the action kicks hard. The story between father and daughter probably lacked depth, but one must realize that an action movie, does not give much character development. Bomback had everything in control and ensured that there won’t be faults. Logic might be biggest fault. Consider as an escapism, Die Hard 4.0 entertains. Gabriel and McClane are tough in their roles. Willis holds his heights and faith in fans as McClane with intense action scenes and well placed one liners. I believe he is a true action hero.

Underworld’s Len Wiseman has ensured that no where action goes as mediocre. Every punch, blast and gun fire hits hard and with strong presence of Willis, nothing would go wrong. Modern cyber crime technique has been perfectly explored by Wiseman and successfully delivers an action packed entertainer. The great chase scenes under tunnel and the giant airplane-truck chase is brilliantly directed with stunning use of CG. Climax might look, choppy and too simple, but would you expect McClane to use a rocket launcher to destroy the bad guy? Might be Die Hard 5.0 will be having such power. But remember, action movies are far beyond imagination. So keep your brain at home and watch Die Hard 4.0. There might be a question that, does Die Hard 4.0 match its best one in the series? My answer is No. But it is second best in the series.

Ambitious, Bold escapism action film, that charges and reloads action with aesthetic visuals and strong Willis presence. Live free or Die Hard is the best kick hard action film among the series.

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