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Prometheus (2012)

debatable question with a pointless climax
sreekirch - wrote on 10/06/12

Prometheus is based on a simple theme, How humans came? This question is put forward since years and many theories of evolution of humans are believable. Still, there is yet a big doubt. So Ridley Scott answers this question? No, but he tries to give a clue. The clue is neither believable nor so cheap. It might be another context in the learning process of human origin. Prometheus is named after a ship, in which few geologists, scientists travel to find the answer to the questions very far from earth. There is a resemblance to a moon near Saturn. So is any one planning for Saturn? I hope no.

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) finds a clue in an isle along with her partner Holloway (Guy Pearce) to find the answer for the posing question. They wake up in Prometheus, by kind assistance of David (Fassbender). After the ship lands, expedition begins. In the quest, they find masked alienated bodies running in a flash form. One body falls. This is taken by them. Meanwhile David steals an oozing capsule and brings to the ship. Shaw matches the DNA and gets the answer of the question. It’s us. So the next question is how they came here? To find answers they start again. But trouble comes ahead as they find that these human like creatures are been destroyed. Who kill them? Get the answer by watching the film.

A lonely nitrogen and oxygen filled planet looks like a Pandora dumped in the dark. Written by Jon Spaiths and Lindelof, Prometheus is a gamble. First reason is that, answer we get at the end of first half is worth the debate. But the answer at the climax still needs reasoning. So now what! Another film, a sequel. Spaiths is no brainer man. His film previous one, (the darkest hour) was hollow and had an anti climax. Prometheus too was in the same line. But, it atleast had some debatable points. Lindelof might have tuned them. Character development was good. Fassbender was freaking good in his role. Noomi rapace was fine. At first I thought about her past? But later I atleast know her background. Theron plays the captain, who does not quite impress. Guy Pearce was fine as long as he spoke dialogs.

Scott’s direction is quite good. The tone of the film is set perfect. His planet was loomy. The ship was well equipped. Scott knew the immense talent of Fassbender. He focussed more on his learning skills and behavioural attitude. The dark world is quite natural. Propelled by some breath taking cinematography and theme music, Scott sets Prometheus to land safely. But he forgets to evoke the nuance behind the minds of Spaiths and Lindelof. Scott failed to give a satisfying conclusion as the story is not complete. But I like the idea, effort and his vision. So I have to wait for the sequel.

Prometheus is a decent action adventure propelled by Rapace and Fassbender, to answer the most debatable question in evolution. Prometheus does not take off, but lands safely.

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