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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Super-Nap
Amyaronson - wrote on 07/18/11

You know, wizards and Voldemort and shit. I have very mixed feelings on the HP movie series. I thought 1 and 2 were cute kid films, 3 was genius, 4 was dull, and 5 was genius. I had high expectations for the sixth movie because it was directed by Yates, who directed the 5th movie. Let me just say, I was VERY disappointed.

Maybe it's because I get as excited for the new movie to come out as I did on Christmas morning when I was a kid (or, still do). Maybe it's because as soon as the theme song starts playing, I can hardly stay in my chair. Maybe it's because I miss the books so much that the movies are all I have left? In any case, I was so sad when I found that a half hour into HP and the Half-Blood Prince that this may be the worst film in the series.

It focused on the trivial stuff, the teenage hormones, the obnoxious Weasley twins, etc. We were two hours in before anyone even said the word "horcrux!" Wow, I'm a major nerd right now. Now, I'm not at all picky about sticking to the book. I treat movies and books as different artistic mediums that each creator should have the freedom to change and adapt however he/she wants to. Maybe this movie was a little too close to the book (6 was my least favorite) and that was the problem.

Maybe I hated the awkwardly bad writing and "humor." Example: Ron, Hermione, and Harry all sit around talking about Dumbledore. Ron makes a bad joke about Dumbledore being 150 years old. The three force very very bad-acty laughter for about 20 seconds. I shift in my seat.

Side note: I think Emma Watson is a VERY bad actress.

There are a couple of cinematically-stunning moments. They take up about 10 minutes of the 150 minute movie. Ruh roh.

This movie sucked major wand. It made me want to avada kedavra someone, for realsies.

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