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SHOWknows - wrote on 2010-05-17 13:54

The Back-Up Plan is one that should be premiering on the ABC Family Channel or the Hallmark Channel. The acting between Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin was cheap and forgetful. Character development by either actors was little to none. Now, I understand that Romantic Comedies are pretty predictable and a little cheesy in most cases. This one IS as predictable and as cheesy as J-Lo's previous movies. As far as Alex O'Loughlin role, hey you gotta start somewhere.The best area of the entire movie is the interaction between Stan (O'Loughlin) and the playground dad (Anthony Anderson).  Overall, do not waste your hard earned money at the theater for this one. If you wait for just a short time, this movie will be on your favorite "chick flick" channel very soon as a Saturday Night Premiere.

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