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Overall Rank: 33893

Average Rating: 1.9/4

# of Ratings: 4

Theatrical Release Date: 08/07/2015

Language: English

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Alec Gillis

Actors: Lance Henriksen, Camille Balsamo, Matt Winston, Giovonnie Samuels, Winston James Francis, Mick Ignis

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OracleElizabeth - wrote on 10/18/2016

Cookie cutter alien film with a unremarkable script. Reads like a check list of the genre's stereotypes. Alien monster, check. Awkward family relationships, check. Once upon a time lovers meet again, check. Lance Henriksen, check. Not the worst film but everything in this movie has been done before and with a better script. For a movie supposedly stuck out in the middle of the ocean I felt zero isolation or the actual dangers of the real Bering sea. Felt... rushed.

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A feeble attempt to match "The Thing"

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 10/28/2015

"This is a portable molecular analyzer. Place the sample in this cartridge and it could tell you everything... from what species it is... and whether or not if it has a cold or cancer. Hey, Bowman, I wonder if that thing can analyze a fart. Okay, leave now, cavemen. Go wrestle sharks or whatever you do."

Can you remember that spider-like, slimy creature with a deformed head attached to it from "The Thing"? Or when John Hurt's belly bursts open in "Alien" and a bloody alien pops out of it? Both films were made in the 80s. An era when there was fairly limited use of computer animations in films. The special effects were usually achieved by using stop-motion techniques, makeup and miniatures. "Harbinger down" is an ode to these techniques (PFX) which are still being used by the film …

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