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The Top Gadgets/Gizmos/Goodies I’d Like to Yank Right Off of the Silver Screen

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By Ghost Seed - 11/07/11 at 01:17 AM CT

The Top Gadgets/Gizmos/Goodies I’d Like to Yank Right Off of the Silver Screen. (For one reason or another)

by Carla Rene Mastrangelo

1. The DeLorean/Flux Capacitor – Back to the Future (1985) – Sure, the more sensible person of today would simply take the Capacitor with the hope of installing it into a more durable, safe, snazzy modern vehicle. But I, having never been known as “sensible”, want the complete set.

I am a sucker for that dark, heavily detailed 1980’s tech styling. Those tail lights, those killer wing doors.. Yes! And Despite it being known as a complete flummox among automobiles, I have faith that if a DeLorean came equipped with Doc Brown's modification, it would work just fine.

Besides, even if I wanted a modern model upgrade, I lack the Doc’s charming intellect required to properly install the Capacitor and the numerous other components necessary for quick and easy time travel. As we all know, one false move on the destination programming deck, and you could end up living the Rave craze, this whole obsession with reality television or Bush’s term all over again!

2. The Hover Board – Back to the Future II (1989)- Yep, another do-hickey from the trilogy. But who can blame me? What guy or gal from my generation didn’t dream of stepping onto one of these sweeties? Since Mattel doesn’t seem to be on the ball with the production of this floating wonder, I’ll settle for the hot pink one Doc & Clara left behind in the old west.

3. Han Solo’s Blaster – Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) – You were thinking Saber, right? Nah. My chosen weapon from the Star Wars universe is that of the saga’s Rock Star. Not only my favorite character in the series, but Han makes my list of the all-time greatest characters in cinema.

That’s right. The ultimate back talking hustler with a heart of gold had it right wielding the convenient Blaster. Better for long-range attacks, doesn’t require you being a well-trained individual of absolute purity and perfection, or that you sell your soul to the ultimate evil in order to operate it. (And of course it’s a throw back to the six-shooter..) Reach for the sky.

4. The Light of Earendil - The Lord of the Rings (2001/2003) – No, not the One Ring. (Momma didn’t raise no fool.) A star in a jar sounds sweet to me.

Lost? Power outage? End of the world? With this stunner in your pocket light is always on your side.

5. The Batmobile/Bat Tank – Batman or Batman Begins (1989/2005)– I’m in need of a car right now anyway so…(and no, the DeLorean being used solely for my time traveling purposes, does not count.)

Since I have a strange fear of driving/other drivers on the road, this seems to be the best vehicle option for me. Well equipped with the tools for proper retaliation against poor drivers. Be it a drunk, crack-head, cell phone using teenager, stressed and/or arrogant businessman, even the elderly wouldn’t stand a chance cutting me off whilst flipping the bird if I had this ride’s endless list of functions and features. Who would mess with a little lady behind the wheel of this puppy?

Never would I forget where I had parked, she comes when she’s called. Never would I be lost, its system out shines OnStar. I could set her on autopilot and nap my way home. Rough terrain, snow, mountainside? No problem.

The sleek exterior of Burton’s Batmobile would definitely scream status, and make parking, traveling narrow streets, and clearance into tunnels a snap.

Let's not forget Nolan’s Tank. This broad could knock just about anything from hell to breakfast, and would no doubt offer better protection in the event of a collision.

Hmm…I’ll take the tank. (Though I’m willing to bet that she’s a hell of a gas-guzzler… which makes me consider bumping her down a few slots.)

6. Tom Servo - Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996) – Originally a network hopping television show (possibly the best television show?) 1996 brought this baby flickering onto big screens, thereby making it eligible for movie lists the world over.

Besides, no list is complete without a robot entry placed somewhere in the line up…Best Technological Advance: Robots. Top Things Most Likely To Overthrow Humanity And Claim The Earth For Their Own: Robots. Most Popular Element Thrown Into A Movie For Comic Relief: A Robot. Favorite Color: Robot. See?

Picking the right robot for me took thought. Paulie’s Robot in Rocky IV? Nah, the two of us just wouldn’t get along. She’s too “all about her boyfriend."

My own Terminator? Tempting, but they’re so cold and somewhat boring – unless I wanted to become a super villain, but who needs that?? I’ve got too much stuff to do. The same can be said of Gort…

So clearly, I had to consider the more softer models. R2D2? Adorable, but after a while I’d have to shut him down for fear that I’d begin thinking in beeps and whistles.

What I need is one more suited to my personality. A movie geek. And however hilarious Crow may be, Tom Servo is just simply the more friendly of the two. He's a little red charmer. And I just can’t resist a fella in a hover skirt…

7. The Still Suit – Dune (1984) – Fashion and Function, so rarely do they meet.

8. The Never Ending Story (1984) – Duh – Great it would be to turn it’s pages and be transported into a strange wonder-filled world. But I have to admit, I’m really just in it for rides on the Luck Dragon. (And maybe to hang with Morla.)

9. The Proton Pack – Ghostbusters (1984) – True, I’m not currently struggling with a ghost situation, this pick is mostly for the nerd in me. Just to strap on this mechanism would give me a thrill. Though I'd be far too tempted to charge it up & take it out to play. Me owning this would result in massive damage done to buildings and probably my own home.

Nonetheless, You never know when it might come in handy. As you read this, no-good-nick spirits could be plotting to inhabit your first-born and take over the world! (Or maybe just materialize and clean out your fridge.) In either case, you’ll know just who to call. But until then, you can just sit back and enjoy light show.

10. The Bottomless Purse - Mary Poppins (1964) - I know, I know.. but I can't help but fantasize about how convenient it would be to pack all of my belongings into one grandma-looking carpet bag that can be carried on my wrist. Moving would no longer require a U-Haul and three (bribed) friends!

Of course, the level of irritation that goes along with traveling would be increased. (Security Check and customs would be a nightmare! Perhaps I should rethink this one...)

The wondrous gadgetry created by the minds of screenwriters and filmmakers have inspired individuals to bring some amazing technology into our day-to-day lives.

This list could go on forever and there is no doubt that some gems slipped my mind at the time of this writing... But I'll continue to drool over big screen goodies and look forward to the day I find them available at a store near me.


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Daniel Corleone

Wrote on 11/09/11 at 02:18 AM CT

Invisible cloak of Harry Potter, computer in Minority report and explosive gum in Mission Impossible. :-)

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Wrote on 11/07/11 at 11:04 AM CT

No question - holodeck from Star Trek. The ultimate entertainment experience.

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