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"Rumble fish" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 09/22/2015

A high school drop out and son of an alcoholic has his life turned upside down when the older brother he idolises comes back to town and makes him question his whole view of the world. Rumble Fish is certainly a very nice film to look at; it is beautifully shot with film noir sensibility in black and white with a view on gang culture that is somewhere between The Warriors and West Side Story. It's therefore a great shame that the script is such a load of pretentious nonsense that is plot devoid and littered with ham-fisted analogies. Plus although the ensemble cast is full of great talent, they all seem to be trying to channel Brando at his most shambolic and affected, making scenes of dialogue which must surely have been largely improvised (and not in a good way) particularly …

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