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Simply awesome!

TheWolf - wrote on 08/17/2007

This was a great film. I have to get that out in the open right away. This film didn't really make it on the big screen, it was more of an indie picture, and it was a great choice for Matt Damon, he hadn't quite hit his success with Good Will Hunting at the time, and yet he works out well in this movie along side Danny Devito. While Devito's name may be slightly jaded these days as he hasn't put out any spectacular films lately, The Rainmaker is one film that just does an amazing job from start to finish.
Damon plays Rudy Baylor, a Memphis St. Law School graduate who can't seem to find a job anywhere, until he meets "Bruiser" Stone (Mickey Rourke). Stone is an ambulance chaser, who does whatever it takes, legal or not, to win a case. Rudy, as most law students are when they graduate, …

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