Moulin Rouge Movie Plots

Movie Plots

After arriving in Paris to pursue the life of a Bohemian writer, young Christian meets a band of crazy Bohemians who introduce him to the world of the nightclub Moulin Rouge. There he falls in love with the beautiful and elusive courtesan Satine. But Satine is the promised mistress to another man, The Duke, and is dying from consumption. What ensues is a beautiful musical extravaganza of love and beauty.

When young and idealistic Christian travels to the Underworld of Paris to become a penniless writer, he encounters much more than he asked for. Through a series of energetic meetings he comes face to face with the courtesan Satine, whom he falls madly in love. He is at odds, however, with the sinister and lustful Duke, who will stop at nothing to see the two never make union. -- PsychoKing1227

A writer falls in love with a prostitute as he tries to write a song for the duke who becomes jealous of the love affair and tries to put an end to it.

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