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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/04/2019

A grim southern gothic drama so emotionally painful it has an almost physical sting.

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johnny black - wrote on 07/30/2012

with halle berrs heroic performance in introducing dorothy dandridge she has already proven that she is a great and force to be reckoned with type of actress. and as much as i love her i have to be honest. this movie is absolutely ridiculous and a disgrace to black women and actresses everywhere .

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Freddie - wrote on 11/03/2008

This is one of those movies that are based on pure acting. I think everyone showed off their talent in this movie, minus P.Diddy Combs. Halle, however, definitely deserved her Academy Award for this performance. She really portayed that desperate and stuggling mother who fell into deeper desperation as the movie progressed. Billy Bob, also really played the sensitive bad guy quit well. Gotta mention Heath, even though his role wasn't that deep you can tell that he took his craft seriously, because he always puts on a good performance.

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