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White Men Can't Jump-Except Off a Train.

Indyfreak - wrote on 01/01/2019

Money Train became notorious for inspiring a copycat crime. Snipes and Harrelson are both good together and Robert Blake chews the scenery like crazy as their nasty boss. Jennifer Lopez plays a tough latina chick who doesn't really do much. Still, dat azz tho.
It doesn't help that the script is dumb. Really really dumb. A serial killer villain is introduced then killed halfway into the movie. A mob boss villain is dealt with before the actual heist begins in the movie. A love triangle is completely forgotten about by the end. An apparent moral thrown in at the last minute on how crime doesn't pay is completely ignored for a cheap sight gag.
To its credit, the fight scenes and the final train chase are legit good. The train heist especially is a thrilling setpiece with convincing …

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