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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
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Should've Been Shown in Theaters

Franz Patrick - wrote on 06/30/2008

I'm not that surprised this film went straight to DVD. But, in my opinion, it should have been given the chance to win over audiences in the cinema regardless of the whole older-woman-meets-younger-man premise. I thought the acting was pretty strong and it has a bona fide sense of humour. It provided a good balance between Michelle Pfeiffer finding a beau (Paul Rudd) and her relationship with her daughter (Saoirse Ronan). My favourite scenes were when Ronan would play songs by other artists on her acoustic guitar and altering the lyrics. It was smart, funny, and true. As usual, Pfeiffer and Rudd did a great job in their respective roles. I just wish that it could've done something more daring, if not a little bit darker. Perhaps then it could've been given the chance to be in theaters. …

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