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Predictable, but has it's moments!

MovieAddict - wrote on 04/01/2012

This movie is very much a chick flick. It includes all the elements, a pretty girl and handsome boy meet, fight, date, fight, make up, fall desperately in love, the end. But who wouldn't be able to resist Matthew's lean body and glowing smile, complete with dimples...and let's not forget that charming Texas drawl?

Kate Hudson is hilarious playing the psychotic girlfriend from hell working at a fashion magazine who has to write an article called "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". She sets out to pick a guy to clamp on to, then drive him away with all the stuff that we women do when we feel more needy than desirable.

Meanwhile an ad exec (Matthew McConaughey), bets his co-workers he can get anyone to fall in love with him. They pick each other for their respective projects and the …

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