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They're Always Listening - Make Sure You're Ready!

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/16/2022

A timely crimer/drama/thriller that sees Zoë Kravitz playing a shut-in, Angela Childs, after an incident at her former employer that has been worsened by the pandemic. She spends her days helping a tech company with their Alexa-like device known as Kimi - listening to real-world people and helping the device "learn" things like regional slang and insults. She also attempts to have some contact with a neighbor across the way - played by Byron Bowers - but is complicated by her problems leaving her apartment, though she is more than happy to invite him over for some casual sex now and then.

But her life is about to get much more complicated when she hears what sounds like an assault caught on audio. With the tech company about to go public, her pleas are heard by an …

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