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Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
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Pick Up the Receiver, I'll Make You a Believer

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/18/2022

Scott Derrickson, who has already graced us with the excellent horror film Sinister (as well as the first Doctor Strange) is back in top form, delivering another chilling experience with The Black Phone.

Horror can arrive in many forms but I always find the "jump scare" school of horror to be the more lazy option. There's nothing wrong with a good jump scare - in fact, The Black Phone has a few of its own - but the greatest of horror films manage to get under you skin. It's the tension, the atmosphere that I like best in modern horror, and between some truly twisted masks and the claustrophobic basement setting, Black Phone delivers.

The setup is thus: set in 1978, a Colorado town finds itself haunted by the specter of "The Grabber" (Ethan Hawken) who has …

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