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Amoeba Johnny
Amoeba Johnny

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A Movie with Beautiful Themes

Amoeba Johnny - wrote on 02/08/2022

I honestly came into this movie with low expectations. It’s a Disney movie and I figured it would be a nice ride. With Lin-Manuel Miranda helming the music, I knew at least that would be good. All of this having been said, I haven’t had a chance to see a Disney animated movie since Frozen (no real aversion, I just haven’t sat down and watched any). What followed was a great, thoughtful study in… life. What that translates to depends on the viewer.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about this movie online, which honestly is what sparked my interest. I’ve seen comparisons run the gamut of themes like transsexual transition, family trauma, autism, and so on. And as varied as these topics are, I completely see the comparisons. I think another good element of a movie is the ability to …

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