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Epic Fail:worst movie ever made

SadnessNeverGoes - wrote on 04/02/2020

epic fail of a movie this has to be the worst comic book movie ever made or infact worst movie ever made clearly these idiots never read any bloodshot comics at all,vin diesel is wrong choice the guy cant act and this is coming from a huge vin diesel fan yes i like him he is better of in other movies like riddick and fast n furious this is not his thing,plus who's idea was it to make a movie on a rebooted version of the comic books,get this guys for those who have read the comics understand this very well the original bloodshot was from 90s to late 90s .the original version was from valiant in 93 then rebooted with acclaim comics both of these versions are bloodshot specially the 93 version ,if you look at bloodshot body he is tall buff muscle bound and got grey skin plus a huge red …

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