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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 04/07/2020

I bet more money was spent on hiring the all-star voice talent than anything else. "Dolittle" is another overpriced Disney dud with one of the most boring adventure stories ever filmed and talking animals who talk way too much.

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Hurricane2000 - wrote on 01/20/2020

Seriously Tony? (Catch the Iron Man joke?) With a talented cast, And a great source material, Dolittle should’ve been a fun family adventure film. But instead the film is a massive mess with a awfully written script, Overly juvenile humor (That dragon scene is Chipmunks levels of insufferable), A terrible performance from the usually fantastic Robert Downey Jr, and Mediocre voice acting. The only good thing I’ll say about this film is that the CGI is decent at times. Rating: Rotten

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