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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
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More like everyone dies tonight

Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/24/2021

‘Halloween Kills’ - the body count has been heighten in brutal fashion. From start till finish it’s a bloody carnage, and if you want to watch a movie that’s all about the kills, then this is for you, but don't go into this expecting anything else, because even though I liked the 2018 version, this unfortunately felt like a step down in quality.

Firstly, the writing in this movie is terrible and the people of Haddonfield have got more brain cells than oranges have pips! The number of times a character will remind you how evil Michael Myers is, as if showing him brutally killing people at random wasn’t enough. Even when this mob finally catches up to Myers, they only beat him up a little bit and then let him have a breather. There should be a drinking game of the amount of …

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