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Jean Reno couldn't save the film.

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 12/18/2019

I had a stand-off with a wolf earlier,
and he has tasted human blood…

Jean Reno. The ever-calm actor is usually associated with roles such as a police detective, a gangster or an assassin. The quiet-looking Frenchman has a specific appearance that fits perfectly with such roles. Strange but true. I have only recently seen the film “Léon: The Professional“. Without a doubt the very best that Jean Reno has demonstrated on the silver screen. An experienced assassin who, as a loner, takes care of the little girl Mathilda and teaches her the tricks of the trade. A cult film “avant la lettre”. In “Cold Blood Legacy” Jean Reno plays a similar character. A professional and devious person who does his jobs in a well-argued manner. And with that, the most positive …

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