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Dark Vengeance 9
Dark Vengeance 9

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A Good Buddy-Action Movie, Way Underrated!

Dark Vengeance 9 - wrote on 08/26/2011

I'm am really surprised that this movie isn't very popular. I think it's classic; it is one of the best Buddy-Action movies. It is real similar to the Lethal Weapon movies, however, I actually like this movie more than them. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man is not an art film nor a philosophical film, merely a fun Buddy-Action movie. It's about a Biker and a Cowboy who rob a bank to save their favorite bar, but discover that the bank is a secret drug scam, with hit-men who are trying to take them out. The movie has a lot of action and jokes. I noticed that the hit-men and the helicopter scene probably influenced The matrix (This movie came out 8 years before The Matrix). It's definitely a movie made for men (lots of action and breasts). If you like the Buddy-Action movies, it is …

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