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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
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Sonic 2020 - Review

Matthew Brady - wrote on 09/16/2020

We all thought Assassin Creed was going to destroy the curse of terrible video game adaptations, but this blue hedgehog sure did.

You know what stuck with me the most was how Sonic says he has watched the 1994 action movie 'Speed' loads of times, so does that mean he witnessed Dennis Hopper getting decapitated on endless repeat? Or how about Beth Grant being run over by a bus?

Makes you think sometimes.

Anywhere...not a great movie, but man this could have been so much worst. I am glad the studios listened to fans and changed that revolting character design on Sonic. It is just too bad that the animates were laid off after the studio was closed. Yikes.

Jim Carry, even at the age of 58, has not lost that chaotic energy. Robotnik's dance scene was easily the highlight. What is …

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