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Great Balls of Fire

Leslie - wrote on 08/08/2014

“Great Balls of Fire” is the biopic of Rock & Roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis. Dennis Quaid stars as the rollicking, flamboyant piano man who would go on to nudge the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley himself, out of the number one spot on the music charts. The movie chronicles his rise to fame, along with his dualistic spiritual existence, intensified by the constant insistence of repentance by his evangelizing cousin, Jimmy Swaggart, played by Alec Baldwin.

The movie is rife with maxims like “Narrow is the way to salvation and broad is the path to destruction,” and “Put a black left hand and a white right hand together and you’ve got Rock & Roll.” Whether it’s the Bible or the Blues, Jerry Lee Lewis has a wealth of tradition at his disposal from which to draw …

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