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A boy. A river.An adamant girl. That's it.

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 03/08/2017

"Some places change things some days, some people... they can put a mark on you that won't ever wash off."

"The river thief" managed to leave me speechless. And this merely by the denouement. The run-up was anything but interesting. It shows the life of Diz (Joel Courtney) as he leads it now. A carefree existence in which he steals anything he deems necessary, without feeling bad about it. He has no sense of values. Diz is a street boy whose mother abandoned him and left him behind in an alley . And now he's looking for his natural father as he follows the banks of the Snake River. How long he has been doing this, isn't really made clear. And the motive to seek his father is also hazy. His vagabond existence is halted when he meets Selah (Raleigh Cain). She's a waitress in a kind of …

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