The Godfather Movie Plots

Movie Plots

When the son of a respected Don takes on the family mafia business, he intermittently starts a mob war between the NY families and becomes exactly what he used to hate.

Don Corleone (Marlon Brando) offers help and advise to those who need it on his daughter's wedding day. An attempt to assassinate the head of an organized crime was almost accomplished. The youngest in the family becomes involved in the family business to aid his father. His brother was murdered and now Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) steps up to become The Godfather.

Home video release of all three films, in which they are all edited into one. They are also placed into chronological order, with the scenes of young Vito coming to America from Sicily at the beginning. There is also at least 15 minutes worth of deleted scenes added to the feature. It was released in a boxset on both VHS and Laserdisc. This version of the films is OOP and most likely not going to be released in this format again.

An organized crime leader gives up control of his "family" to his youngest son, Michael. The leader barely survives a battle between mobs, which leads Michael to begin a mob war against Sollozzo and tears the Corleone family apart.

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