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Wiig is a Master of Awkward Hilarity

Snoogans - wrote on 07/21/2015

'Welcome to Me' is an odd comedy in the best sense. There's absolutely nothing conventional about this one. It's weird humor comes from the awkwardly hilarious performance of Kristen Wiig. This is the type of role that's taller-made for her specific comedic talents. She is incredibly convincing as a mental/emotionally unstable individual, who is unpredictable in her eccentric ways. The whole movie revolves around her character, as does her own life. Her selfish flaws come through in her attempts for recognition based on nothing. One could look at this as a smite on the culture of celebrity born out of money alone. The fact that she attains complete control over her own show from throwing out millions of dollars is great start. The rest goes full-tilt with that initial premise. …

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