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Snoogans - wrote on 02/16/2015

I was unaware of this DCU animated flick from last year. It came out under-the-wire, so to speak. That's a shame, because it's definitely better than the three most recent DCU movies: 'War', 'Son of Batman', and 'Throne of Atlantis'. 'Trapped in Time' does not share the same continuity as those. It has a much different art style and vibe to it's story/characters. That vibe would be as if you took the few good aspects of the old 'Superfriends' television show and mixed it with the awesome 'Justice League' series from 2000. The result is a more kid friendly, but also entertaining and action packed tribute to the real JLA. It's just a simple fun romp anyone can enjoy. A short and sweet adventure that contains a warm nostalgic quality. Skip those other three stinkers and just bask …

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