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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/06/2019

Preachy is never good, but "Zootopia" stays colorful, lively, and funny while making its message overly clear.

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whatch22 - wrote on 03/21/2018

Zootopia is a film that everyone needs to see. It is a brilliant, funny, original animated film that was vastly entertaining, and another great entry into the Disney canon. It perfectly encapsulate 2016, telling a wonderful story about equality and acceptance, and filling it with some of the year's best jokes and scenes.

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Chris - wrote on 04/02/2016

ok this was by far the most fun i have had at the movies so far this year its majour exciting fell in love with spunky officcer judy hop right off the bat then learned to love the wolf max as the story went on it only got better more funny and fun the perfect family movie for almost all ages just m,ay frighten the smallest of kids in some portions but other than that its fantastic see it

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