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Indyfreak - wrote on 06/20/2020

Predestination is one of those sci-fi movies that’s too ambitious for its own good. The big twist is a juggernaut that showcases the talent for newcomer Sarah Snook. But it overwhelms the rest of the story, which I’ll mention is actually her story. Ethan Hawke is more of an observer than a protagonist. The time travel element is fine. It’s not as confusing as sometimes happens in these types of movies.

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Nolane - wrote on 01/12/2015

Absolute utter garbage. Thinks it is being so witty and intelligent that it forgets to be entertaining in any way whatsoever. I won't spoil the big twists, but when they come they are utterly asinine. In addition, it looks like it was shot on a $50 budget, so don't expect any special effects or action or anything else for that matter. Partially redeemed by a solid performance by Sarah Snook.

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