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'Same Old' Twins

Snoogans - wrote on 12/30/2014

'Skeleton Twins' exists in that certain sub-genre of 'indie' (if you can call it that) film which puts comedy stars in a drama (or dramedy) situation detailing with personal endeavors and the like. Most seem decently made and well acted, but all make me feel no emotion. This film is no exception. I like the two leads. They are great together here. Both sell the sporadic comedic lines and the personal/relationship conflicts. The problem here is the same as I stated before: I feel no emotional involvement. That's sad to say when the film at hand involves inner childhood turmoil and attempted suicide. The predictability of the whole piece had me feeling like I had seen this movie already. I was looking forward to watching. I wanted to like it. I didn't feel for the characters. …

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