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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
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Good for family's, but not for everyone.

Matthew Brady - wrote on 09/23/2014

If I had to choose Winter or Willy. I choose winter all the way, because willy sucks. The story is about the dolphin called Winter that was rescued thanks to the team from the Clearwater Marine Hospital, faces another challenge. Her aged mother, Panama, is close to death - regulation say that Winter cannot be housed alone, and if they cannot pair her with another dolphin, they will lose her to another aquarium. This movie only works as a family film with little kids watching cute dolphins, but that's not the case here, because they is not enough dolphins in this movie, the movie follows are boring cast of humans that we don't care about. You know my biggest problem from Dawn of the planet of the apes are the human in that movie are freaking dull and the apes are more interesting, well in …

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