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poor and a bore

smeagol - wrote on 04/13/2014

This was a rubbish and a some what silly idea for afilm with no pay off. for your time watching. the ending is one of the worst ever.
its the same kind of story a the movie phone booth but this time with a guy playing a piano to a audience.
Toby maguire plays the piano player. who has john cusack talking in his ear telling him to play certain chords or he will kill his wife in the audience. that's basically the whole film. after a boring start that's the rest of it
cusack has mainly a voice role in this with just a 5 minute scene at the end,
This is one of those movies where you feel cheated when it ends and wonder why on earth they made it.
Toby is good but none of these actors can save this movie from being just plain silly and robs the audience of any decent pay off.

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