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Jessica Alba is eye candy only.. She can't act!!!!

mdtinney - wrote on 03/30/2010

I had a hard time watching this movie. Everything that worked in this was directly lifted from the original, everything else... didn't. The director tries to built tension in places where none exists. The screen writer tries to "improve" on the mystery of the original but the results don't work, giving itself away from he very first "vision". The acting was below par for most of the cast, with characters coming off as two dimensional for the sake of moving the plot along- and Jessica Alba needs to realize she gets film jobs for her looks not her talent. Anyway, if you're thinking of watching this, don't. It's not scary. It's not suspenseful. It's not even original. It's a waste of your time and money. Rent the original or watch another film instead.


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Well... at least Alba has decent eye contacts now.

newmans_own - wrote on 02/01/2008

Horror would be an odd way to describe the film; there are barely any frights to speak of. Instead we are subjected to 100 minutes of Jessica Alba doing her best to act terrified and concerned.

The genuine scares are few and far between. In fact, the scariest thing about THE EYE is the directors’ apparent belief that jump-scares are the only way to frighten an audience these days. Very little effort is put into creating a suspenseful mood. Instead, the film relies mostly on clichĂ©s to let an audience know what they should find frightening (people walking too slowly, children repeating lines over and over, flickering lights, etc.) Alba is just barely adequate in her role; she occasionally musters an expression that passes for terror, but she delivers most of her lines in a …

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