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Hurricane2000 - wrote on 01/16/2020

Very Mixed Bag Batman V Superman is a very mixed bag, First the good, The performances from Affleck, Gadot, Cavill, and Adams are great, The visuals are incredible (Except Doomsday), and some parts are interesting. But the bad also rears it’s ugly head a lot with a badly written script that is WAY too serious and gloomy, Jesse Eisenberg was awful as Lex, And the “Martha” scene was completely ridiculous. Rating: Rotten

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/21/2019

An overstuffed, but underwhelming comic book concoction with murky action scenes that are few and far between, "Batman v. Superman" is a jumbled mess of superhero-sized disappointment.

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Chris - wrote on 04/02/2016

ok so whats with all the crappy reviews of this movie i saw it and i loved it i had a blast watching batman and superman it was a good classic battle the way it was meant to be seen it was a awesome movie too great for words to describe i personally loved the darkness it was fun an awsome good time i really liked wonderwoman as well its a real treat for action fans loved how they joined together for good in the end my only gripe is the milld language and a unnesasary sex scene

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